Frank Cortese | About
I have always had an interest in the arts but very little talent for drawing or painting. I discovered 35mm photography in a college Black & White course and became hooked with the idea of photographing what I could not draw or paint.

From then it has been a journey of striving to faithfully reproduce the landscapes before me. Many of my images use the well known technique of near-to-far perspective to create the illusion of depth.
When this technique is combined with optimal lighting a spectacular photo is often the result. I also have enjoyed the vividness and saturation of color transparency film and frequently replicate the effect in digital post processing.

Over the years, I have been published in various magazines as well as had my work displayed in private galleries. I have sold prints and usage rights to both private parties and corporations.

While I am frequently asked about the equipment I use, I always stress the creative process rather than equipment. However there is something to be gained from knowing the type and not necessarily the brand of equipment.

Today, brand equipment and lenses are all relatively excellent. In many of the lenses the differences are discernible only in extreme magnifications (20 x 30 and larger) and those differences are often small ones.

Rather than brand name, I think in terms of format size – 35mm, Medium (6x6.45, 6x6, 6x7, 6x9), Large (4x5, 5x7, 8x10). In general, the larger the format the sharper more detailed the image.

My current film camera stock consists of 35mm, 6x7, and 4x5. Digital equipment includes 35mm full frame and APS-C. Most of my landscape work is 6x7 or 4x5 film as well as digital 35mm full frame, while weddings and events are mostly 35mm digital. The lenses and bodies I use are all high quality and well known. Having said that, it is important to note that ‘equipment is equipment’ and a necessary means to an image.

Everyone has their favorite brands and justifications for using them. I have seen and made stunning images with very inexpensive equipment and seen and made horrible images with very expensive equipment. Without vision and purpose, equipment is just that – equipment.